Project Underdog

  • A barrier for many Underdog Devs to getting a full-time software job is having the time to practice and become interview-ready, while also supporting themselves and their families financially. To meet this need, Underdog Devs runs a 3+ month stipend program to support aspiring software engineers in practicing their craft full-time with the goal of securing a software engineering job by the end of the program.
  • Candidates apply and are selected based on a set of requirements
  • Mentees receive a 3-month minimum stipend based on current income, disbursed monthly, conditional on consistent participation in the program.
  • Mentees are paired with a set of mentors, who meet at least 1 hour per week per mentor, 5 hours per week, for rigorous 1:1 pair programming and feedback on practice problems and homework.
  • Mentees are responsible for structuring the remainder of their 40 hour / week study schedule, consisting of:
    • Online courses or bootcamps
    • Homework from mentors
    • Additional practice problems
    • Pair programming with other mentees in study groups
    • Work on portfolio projects to showcase on GitHub and their resume
  • When interview-ready, the Underdog Devs network will support the mentee in getting referrals to and applying to software jobs.
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